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Our high School Gets Students


For Life

We are providing world-class, future driven secondary education in the heart of Uyo.


Preparing students for the challenges of tomorrow

Our education is designed to prepare students to respond to the challenges of today and of the future.

World Class: can compete with what you will learn anywhere in the world
Relevant: nothing outdated. We only teach what is relevant.
Balanced: we won’t emphasize one area of education over the other.

Our High School Focus

We are intentional about integrating these into our curriculum and education


Academic Rigour

Accessing, analyzing and synthesizing knowledge and information. We are raising thinkers and contributors to knowledge.


Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths form the bedrock for the prosperity and development of nations.


We are preparing our students for the many opportunities that exist beyond the walls of the classrooms, especially in sports.


Our goal is to expose the students to the many expressions of the arts such that each one can find their passion and build proficiency


Every student of Brainy Hive Schools will identify a problem and create a business. Our goal is to get the financially literate and independent before graduation


We are intentional about preparing our students for leadership outside the school - civic, business, faith-based and political.

Enrollment Options

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Day Students

Students come from home and return daily . School activities run between 7:30am and 5:00pm. Ideal only for students whose parents live in the city and who can handle the rigour of a full day of activities.

Weekday Boarding

Students board in school from Monday to Friday and spend weekends at home. This is perfect for students who also live in the city and who need a slow detachment from home, or whose parents need to debrief weekly.

Full Boarding

Brainy Hive High School is designed to meet the needs of our changing world. We are not a static school.

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Brainy Hive High School is not a static type of school. Our approach, strategies and programs are adapted to today’s world with an eye on where the world is going, making sure we prepare our students to remain relevant in a fast changing world.

We are committed to details – the way our students think, speak, look and interact. Everything we do is intentional and we carry parents and guardians along in our efforts, because educating children is a partnership between the school and the family, and we recognize that.