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Quality education is not about the activities, it’s about the outcomes. But we know that activities drive outcomes, so we are intentional about programs, activities and events that we run, carefully selecting them to give us the desired outcomes in our students.

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Public Speaking

We are licensed TED-Ed School, which means we teach public speaking using the TED Talks curriculum. Communication is one of the skills that every child would need irrespective of career choices.

STEM, Coding & Robotics

We understand the role that STEM plays in the development of nations. We are positioning our students to lead the pack in their chosen careers. We introduce them to STEM fields early. Coding is a classroom subject from Grade One


Being able to see things before the happen is one skill that industry leaders have. Through the game of chess, we prepare students to see life through different lenses, be better positioned in a very competitive world. It's more than the game, it's about the life skill it teaches.


People think Scrabble is about words alone, but the rigorous mental work that happens where every player has to evaluate the pieces they are dealt, create multiple combinations using those pieces and make the most profitable choice prepares them for a life filled of financial decisions and investments. We want them to be able to make the best decision always.


There is a way that being in one corner of the world shapes the worldview of students. At Brainy Hive, we are constantly connecting our students with other classrooms around the world through the Empatico program in virtual exchanges that allow them build confidence and also enables us benchmark how globally ready our pupils are.

Tae Kwon Do

Self defense is important, but beyond self defense, Tae Kwon Do teaches the art of discipline, focus and respect. Our students are drilled through multiple kicks, punches and moves that prepare them for every eventuality in life while developing resilience and grit through rigorous training.

Science Programs

We promote inquiry based learning where the students are not always seeking to answer questions but are the ones asking questions. These activities push the boundary of their imaginations and remove the lids off their thinking.

Mental Maths

In a world filled with information, students need to learn how to process a flood of data and make sense of them on the fly. Mental maths prepares students for that rigour. Meanwhile, you can't cheat them at the mall. They can sum up their entire shopping cart without punching a calculator.

Gender Based Mentorship

In a world where some roles are no longer defined and some topics are not often talked about. The parents assume it's the school's job, school assumes it's the church's job, and church assume it's the parents job, we have taken the responsibility. Our Boys and Girls Talk is unique to us and allow us bridge the gaps that everyone else ignores.

Intentional Parenting Workshop

As parents or someone in a parenting role, we ought to understand that dedicating more time and being involved in our children's day-to-day activity provides a balanced social and emotional growth

In The Interest Of Our Pupils

We are not driven by the crowd, we are driven by value. Every child matters to us and we are committed to making the decisions that are best for them.